Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I shot a man, and got away with it!

Eileen smith from the blog “In the Pink” wrote a pretty interesting blog. It was titled “I shot a man in Houston just to watch him die. (Jonny Cash anyone?) She tells us about what’s called the Castle Doctrine in 2007, which was described from the Houston Chronicle. It was said to be a new law that allowed you to stand your ground. More specifically, it is called justifiable killings.
Justifiable killings are described by Eileen by telling us a story that happened in Houston.  A 24 year old man robbed a TIP JAR from a local taco truck. The owner, in response, chased him down and shot him in the back. Now come on, this is truly NOT against the law. Eileen explains little further in the article about how average citizens can use the force of guns but cops can’t, really? She explains that she completely disagrees with this law and honestly so do I!
Eileen’s opinion is quite clear throughout the article pertaining to the Castle Doctrine. She does not come out and just say it but it’s obvious. She does not like the idea of anyone being able to KILL someone just because they stole a tip jar. She doesn’t like the idea that the Texas law allows the use of violence and possible death for the following; rape, arson, burglary, robbery, theft and criminal mischief at night.  She explains that she is lucky that was not the law when she was a kid in Virginia because she used to TP her crushes houses.
I believe Eileen’s intended audience was to young minded liberals. She is a very informal blogger which I think attracts the younger crowd to read. 

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