Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog stage 2

               Apparently people in Austin are actually against Health Care? I must be naive; I thought national health care was a good thing. KXAN published an article on A few hundred person protest. The protest was for getting rid of Obamas Health care. A big argument some made was that because of this new plan, the government has become too intrusive.
                In all honestly, I don’t understand what the big fuss is about. I understand that our tax dollars go to public health care among many other place, but I think I would rather people who don’t make enough money to be able to see a doctor if they really needed it; without pay a lot for it. I rather like the idea of public health care.
                This article is definitely something all of you should read. It’s short and to the point and it was right here in Austin! And if it’s something you agree with than great! For the ones who don’t see eye to eye should still read it to see what’s going on in our county!

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