Thursday, July 19, 2012

Educating young Texans gives hope for our future

John Sharp, Texas A&M System Chancellor from "The statesman", makes a great argument for furthering education among young Texans throughout the state. I find this extremely wonderful because I am finally seeing someone not bash the Texas schooling system but seeing the good of it! Sharp says that among Texas’s great money makers such as; crude, cattle, and cotton. We shall now have the prosperity of the young Texans.
                Texas has the most young people than any other state does. Therefore, we have more students and definitely a greater need for schools and education. Sharp wants to encourage more and more young people to achieve an associate’s degree and more.          
                In this commentary, Sharp points out a few statistics that are very important in understanding this idea. He states that, Texas is projected to have 4 million new jobs by 2018. Now that is something to get excited about, am I right? He also says that ONLY 31.4 percent of Texans actually have degrees. One last important statistic is that nearly 60 percent of kids in school in this age do not have the money to attend college. Now that has got to be worked upon.
                His logic, in my opinion comes from these two sentences, “The next economic empire in Texas will be built on human resources, the only thing we have left to sell. We have a huge advantage in that category. Few states can compete with our human resource potential.” If Texas has a way to make more money for our state, then we should be working on it. And that means building our human resources!
                I appreciate the fact that he recognizes the need for education! I also completely agree with this thought, Texas has greater human resource potential than any other state. Let’s prove it right in the years to come! 

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