Thursday, August 2, 2012

commentary number one

As I was reading an article from the blog “Government: Bigger in Texas,” I realized I could not agree more! It makes total sense to me when Veronica writes about how if marijuana was legal, crime would decrease. She makes a valid point when she tells us that people don’t smuggle alcohol over to the United States because it is legal. If marijuana was legal than I believe there would be a lot less crime because people would not be working so hard to keep things on the down low.
                Now I love her example when she uses the idea of heroin becoming legal. I mean honestly if heroin became legal, I am pretty sure no additional people would be using. It would merely become easier for the ones ALREADY using to use it legally.
Why is Texas spending too much money on trying to get rid of drugs when we aren’t seeing any improvements? It just makes no sense. Texas could make so much money on the taxes just as Veronica had said. 

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